I am passionate about the intersection of research, psychology, data science, and software development.

I started as an undergraduate in cognitive psychology, and along the way, I developed a keen interest in methodology and statistics for social sciences. I am particularly interested in generalized linear models and latent variable models applied to psychopathological screening and personality and intelligence assessment. Among other things, I work with network, multi-level, and time series models. A big chunk of my daily work consists of designing and implementing complex simulation designs in R, Python, and C++.

In my free time, I like to study design patterns, agile methodologies, user-centered design, continuous integration/ deployment pipelines, and tinker with machine learning algorithms. I spend quite a bit of time delving into web technologies and frameworks, and I find the process of creating software satisfying at all levels—from requirements to system design, and from stories to done increments.

Outside of the digital, I enjoy playing squash, hiking, and kayaking.

Overall, my professional goal is to create data-driven software to facilitate answering questions, be it in academic research or the private sector. On a personal level, my philosophy is to minimize the risk of regret by continuously learning and giving my best shot at everything I commit to.